Profile and expertise


I am a UX designer based in Trento, Italy, with a background in cognitive/social psychology and 10+ years of experience in user experience and human-computer interaction research. I work at Dedagroup Public Services, where I design user-centric interactive systems that are valuable to users. My aim is to improve the value of digital products for the users and favour technology appropriation in personal, social and organizational contexts. I do so combining the results from user research, cognitive and social psychology frameworks, human factors and cognitive ergonomics, and applying this knowledge to interaction design.

In my work, I use a mixed-method approach comprising both quantitative and qualitative techniques to gain a deeper insight on how people understand and interact with technologies. My primary approach is user-centered design (UCD), moving from the psychological investigation of individual and social activities and applying this understanding to the design of information and communication technology that supports people in individual, social and organizational contexts. I have applied a wide range of UCD methodologies to engage people in the design process and inform the design of ICT-based services, such as participatory design and co-design workshops, design sprints, contextual inquiry and participant observations, questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups. I have conducted formative and summative evaluations of technological systems applying a wide range of paradigms, employing both quantitative and qualitative techniques, ranging from questionnaire-based to lab-controlled studies, to randomized-controlled trials and observational field studies.

A a researcher, I focused on the understanding of cognitive, psychological and social processes of technology appropriation and interaction, on the study of socio-technical systems in organizational contexts, computer-mediated communication and online collaborative activity, behaviour change for improving quality of life and sustainability, smart interfaces and interaction.

My expertise includes:

  • exploratory research on how people interact with technology, on users’ needs and practices in everyday life contexts;
  • translation of users’ needs and desires into requirements to inform the design;
  • design of user experiences and interactive mockups based on the results of user research;
  • lean and rapid formative evaluation for UX iterative improvement;
  • experimental design, supervision and execution of user studies; data collection, statistical/qualitative analysis, also for long-term and large-scale summative evaluations of technologies.