Profile and expertise


I am a User Experience and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) researcher with a background in cognitive and social psychology. I work in the i3 research unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento, Italy. Here, I contribute to the design and evaluation of technologies using a user-centered approach, at different stages of the design process. In my research, I use a mixed-method approach comprising both quantitative and qualitative techniques to gain a deeper insight on how people understand and interact with technologies.

My expertise includes:

  • explorative research on how people interact with technology, on users’ needs and practices in everyday life contexts;
  • translation of users’ needs and desires into requirements to inform the design;
  • lean and rapid formative evaluation for UX iterative improvement;
  • experimental design, supervision and execution of user studies, and data collection and analysis, also for long-term and large-scale summative evaluations of technologies.

During my Master’s degree studies at the University of Padua I applied Social Network Analysis to analyse and sustain online communication in collaborative tasks, while during my PhD at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, I studied how people collaborate in Wikipedia to build the collective memory of traumatic events, focusing on the patterns of edit activity and on psychological and social processes involved in the discussion of past and recent traumatic events.