Interview for Mashable and The Verge on “The memory remains”

I’ve recently been interviewed by Mashable and The Verge to comment on a research paper that was published last week on the viewership patterns of Wikipedia articles about aircraft crashes: The memory remains: Understanding collective memory in the digital age, by Ruth García-Gavilanes, Anders Mollgaard, Milena Tsvetkova, and Taha Yasseri of the University of Oxford. The paper focuses on memory triggering patterns, […]

Let’s move! Motivating seniors to live an active lifestyle with Gymcentral

Here’s a piece of research that we’ve recently carried out about the design and evaluation of Gymcentral, a web and tablet application that enables and motivates older adults to participate in group training sessions from home, under the supervision of a real human coach. Research has excensively shown that sedentary life is particularly damaging for older people,…