Seminar on affordances, feedforward & feedback

On 17 November 2016 I presented a seminar @i3 on feedforward, affordances and feedback, in the context of multimodal interaction with mid-air hand gestures and speech commands (for the ECOMODE project).

Conceptual map on human-based gestures

As I did for the participatory design with older adults, I made a conceptual map with notes on useful guidelines for designing mid-air gestures. I share it here:

Conceptual map on participatory design for older adults

Some time ago I made a literature review on how to involve older adults in participatory design activities, with particular reference to the design on mid-air one hand gestural interaction. I derived a conceptual map from the papers I found mostly relevant, and sometimes I still find it useful for reference, so I share it here:

ECOMODE project funded under H2020 program

Our project ECOMODE (Event-Driven Compressive Vision for Multimodal Interaction with Mobile Devices) was selected to be funded under the H2020 programme (ICT-22-2014 on Multimodal and Natural computer interaction)! ECOMODE aims at designing and implementing touch-less mobile devices usable also by older adults and visually impaired people. By exploiting the recently matured biologically-inspired technique of event-driven…

UX laddering

Last week I presented a seminar @i3 on UX laddering. Laddering relies upon Means-End Theory proposed by Gutman [1]. According to the theory, people choose a product because its attributes allow achieving certain consequences, which are functional to the fulfilment of personal self-relevant values. One common elicitation method for finding attributes, consequences and values is laddering…

Our research on Nova!

Today the magazine Nòva – Il Sole 24 Ore talks about our research on how to motivate people to have an active lifestyle! The article talks about novel technologies that really meet people’s needs, presented @CHItaly ’13. Among these, there’s our Fitcity project and our conference paper on how to use Transtheoretical Model of Behavior change…