Call for Papers: Multimodal2017

***The deadline has been extended to July 16!*** We are organizing a workshop on the design, implementation and evaluation of mid-air gestures and speech-based interaction, on September 18 at CHItaly 2017 in Cagliari (Italy). Cagliari is the capital of our beautiful Sardinia, a very nice city with fascinating architecture, surrounded by stunning landscapes, a charming place for…

AAL & Healthcare @Foritaal

The second day at Foritaal 2017 continued with another round table on Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare, with experts with different backgrounds: M. Malavasi – Ausilioteca Bologna A. Pilotto – Geriatrician, Galliera Hospital, Genoa Giovanni Abbruzzese – Neurologist, Genoa University Lorenzo Bertorello – Liguria Region Barbara Bavastro – IPASVI Claudio Puppo – Consulta Regionale Handicap…

My presentation @Foritaal 2017

Today, at the 8th edition of Foritaal in Genoa, I presented a talk on the problem of accessibility to mobile technology for older adults, and how we addressed it in ECOMODE, a European project funded under Horizon 2020, using multimodal interaction with mid-hair one-hand gestures and voice commands. Increasing older adults’ accessibility to mobile technology: The…

Foritaal 2017, 14-15 June

Today I am very happy to participate in the 8th edition of Foritaal, the Italian Forum on Ambient Assisted Living. This year the Forum is in Genoa, one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, yet still quite off the main tourist radar. The city is famous as the birth place of Christopher Columbus, and is…

Interview for Mashable and The Verge on “The memory remains”

I’ve recently been interviewed by Mashable and The Verge to comment on a research paper that was published last week on the viewership patterns of Wikipedia articles about aircraft crashes: The memory remains: Understanding collective memory in the digital age, by Ruth García-Gavilanes, Anders Mollgaard, Milena Tsvetkova, and Taha Yasseri of the University of Oxford. The paper focuses on memory triggering patterns, […]

Let’s move! Motivating seniors to live an active lifestyle with Gymcentral

Here’s a piece of research that we’ve recently carried out about the design and evaluation of Gymcentral, a web and tablet application that enables and motivates older adults to participate in group training sessions from home, under the supervision of a real human coach. Research has excensively shown that sedentary life is particularly damaging for older people,…

FBK ranks 1st in Italy for scientific excellence

Great news for FBK after the outcome of the evaluation carried out by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR) on behalf of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)! ANVUR evaluated 96 universities, 12 research institutions supervised by the Ministry of Education and 26 research organizations for the…

Seminar on affordances, feedforward & feedback

On 17 November 2016 I presented a seminar @i3 on feedforward, affordances and feedback, in the context of multimodal interaction with mid-air hand gestures and speech commands (for the ECOMODE project).

Conceptual map on human-based gestures

As I did for the participatory design with older adults, I made a conceptual map with notes on useful guidelines for designing mid-air gestures. I share it here:

Conceptual map on participatory design for older adults

Some time ago I made a literature review on how to involve older adults in participatory design activities, with particular reference to the design on mid-air one hand gestural interaction. I derived a conceptual map from the papers I found mostly relevant, and sometimes I still find it useful for reference, so I share it here: